Spotify is investing in African content creators. The global streaming giant has just announced it would be investing $100k into the Africa Podcast Fund, an initiative that will aim to amply the stories of podcasters on the contintent. 

The flagship program was initiated by the company with the intention of growing the careers of African podcasters and giving them the platform and resources to tell their stories. The fund will provide creators with networking opportunities and resources needed to bolster their brands.

Under its Africa Podcast Fund, the company will offer the funding opportunity to select creators from African countries with the biggest podcast listenerships, including Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Because of the vast geographical locations of the selected countries and their varying languages, the winning podcasts will be recorded in popular languages that are spoken in the selected countries, including Pidgin, English, French, Sheng, Ga, and Twi. 

The fund will be distributed by Africa Podfest, a Kenyan-based company that is focused on empowering African podcasters.The co-Director of Africa Podfest, Melissa Mbugua, said that the podcast was excited about the recent development. 

“Africa Podfest is excited about the development of podcasting in Africa, particularly because the medium allows underrepresented African voices to tell the story of Africa,” Mbugua said in a statement.