In this episode of PanAfrican Film podcast co-hosted by co-hosted with Sydney Wanguhu. We discover how the intent to become invisible, in the production of an observational documentary, is transformed into a personal story about following her path into a new identity and standing strong in it. 

In this observational documentary produced in 2018, award-winning Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann tells her personal story through the life of a Muslim boy. Her venture to Lamu, Kenya brings her closer to a new religious identity as an Islamic convert immersed in the town’s mostly Islamic population. She follows a polyamorous Muslim woman and her daily activities with her family, work, school, and mosque in a very raw, authentic, and poetic style. Comparing her Islamic lifestyle to what is more familiar brings her to question what is acceptable.

– Religion-intersectionality- polygamy
– Documentation; photography/film
– Cultural exchanges
– Identity

Listen to the full episode below: