A truck bomb in Somalia exploded on Saturday in the middle of Mogadishu inuring more than 500 people. This attack is by far one of the most gruesome terrorist attack yet in the greater east African region.

Abdi Rahman, the head of Amin Ambulances confirmed this in a statement to Reuters

“The death toll will still be higher because some people are still missing,”

They are still searching for more people in the rubble surrounding the area.

The president has blamed the attack on Al Shabaab condemning them for the ‘heinous act’ saying “Brothers, this cruel act was targeted at civilians who were going about their business,” This is the most dangerous attack since the inception in 2007

Turkey swooped in to help and 40 people have been taken to Turkey for treatment following the attack.

“What happened yesterday was incredible, I have never seen such a thing before, and countless people lost their lives. Corpses were burned beyond recognition.” Said the director of the Madina Hospital, Mohamed Yusuf Hassan.

The car exploded in the middle of Mogadishu in the middle of the busiest junction, the police are said to have actually been following the truck at the time.