Los Angeles based fashion company, Blkburd Genes founded by Kenyan scientific creator Zede’Kiah Loky is launching its first NFT project; Lamu Archipelago at crossroad exhibition.

Blkburd Genes which is known for its limited-edition clothing, draws its inspiration from the world’s history and technology to make clothing that’s transformational, accessible and informative.

Launched in 2016, Blkburd Genes has been getting some great buzz with its LAMU collection being rocked by rapper and business mogul Jay-Z, LA Lakers Carmelo Anthony, Miami Heat Jimmy Butler and heavy weight champion Deontay Wilder rocking a limited edition Mansa Musa t-shirt.

Jay-Z rocking a Limited-Edition Blkburd Genes LAMU t-shirt

The Crossroad Exhibition is a 3D Virtual Exhibition.

Troika Media Group’s and Umba Daima, a creative agency helping embrace black art, teamed up to host a 30-day non-fungible token (NFT) art exhibit till Oct. 24, 2021.

The primarily digital exhibit, that kicked off in Atlanta Georgia features the artwork of 20-25 predominately black artists in Film, Music, and Digital art. 


The Crossroads Exhibition is displaying in a multi-media digital gallery and event space designed by Kwame Michael, a VFX and 3D designer, who has an impressive portfolio including credits in the Avengers, Captain America, and Guardians of The Galaxy.

The exhibit covers a range of topics relating to crypto, tech, and themes covered by the featured artists.

There are also curated NFT events and experiences in the gallery, including; scavenger hunts, auctions, raffles or giveaways, panel discussions, and workshops.