Welcome to episode 2 of the PanAfrican Film Podcast

There is a movement promoting “our” stories and many of us have been raised craving images we can relate to. Now, there are thousands of stories out there, so if you missed that festival or screening or never heard about that film… well now it has a voice.

In the second episode Anna and Naz speak to Maia Lekow and Karisa Kamango , creators of “The Letter” nominated by the Kenyan Film Commission as the national entry in the International Film category at the 2021 Oscars.

In “The Letter”

Karisa’s city- life is interrupted when his Grandma back home is called a witch on facebook. Returning to his rural village to investigate, he finds a frenzied mixture of consumerism and Christianity is turning hundreds of families against their elders, branding them as witches as a means to steal their ancestral land.

Listen to what they have to say about making this film.